On 2022-06-07 Jigar Kumar wrote:
> Progress will not happen until there is new maintainer. XZ for C has
> sparse commit log too. Dennis you are better off waiting until new
> maintainer happens or fork yourself. Submitting patches here has no
> purpose these days. The current maintainer lost interest or doesn't
> care to maintain anymore. It is sad to see for a repo like this.

I haven't lost interest but my ability to care has been fairly limited
mostly due to longterm mental health issues but also due to some other
things. Recently I've worked off-list a bit with Jia Tan on XZ Utils and
perhaps he will have a bigger role in the future, we'll see.

It's also good to keep in mind that this is an unpaid hobby project.

Anyway, I assure you that I know far too well about the problem that
not much progress has been made. The thought of finding new maintainers
has existed for a long time too as the current situation is obviously
bad and sad for the project.

A new XZ Utils stable branch should get released this year with
threaded decoder etc. and a few alpha/beta releases before that.
Perhaps the moment after the 5.4.0 release would be a convenient moment
to make changes in the list of project maintainer(s).

Forks are obviously another possibility and I cannot control that. If
those happen, I hope that file format changes are done so that no
silly problems occur (like using the same ID for different things in
two projects). 7-Zip supports .xz and keeping its developer Igor Pavlov
informed about format changes (including new filters) is important too.

Lasse Collin

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