> Anyway, I assure you that I know far too well about the problem that
> not much progress has been made. The thought of finding new maintainers
> has existed for a long time too as the current situation is obviously
> bad and sad for the project.
> A new XZ Utils stable branch should get released this year with
> threaded decoder etc. and a few alpha/beta releases before that.
> Perhaps the moment after the 5.4.0 release would be a convenient moment
> to make changes in the list of project maintainer(s).

With your current rate, I very doubt to see 5.4.0 release this year. The only 
progress since april has been small changes to test code. You ignore the many 
patches bit rotting away on this mailing list. Right now you choke your repo. 
Why wait until 5.4.0 to change maintainer? Why delay what your repo needs?

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