>> I haven't lost interest but my ability to care has been fairly limited
>> mostly due to longterm mental health issues but also due to some other
>> things. Recently I've worked off-list a bit with Jia Tan on XZ Utils and
>> perhaps he will have a bigger role in the future, we'll see.
>> It's also good to keep in mind that this is an unpaid hobby project.
>> Anyway, I assure you that I know far too well about the problem that
>> not much progress has been made. The thought of finding new maintainers
>> has existed for a long time too as the current situation is obviously
>> bad and sad for the project.

> With your current rate, I very doubt to see 5.4.0 release this year. The only 
> progress since april has been small changes to test code. You ignore the many 
> patches bit rotting away on this mailing list. Right now you choke your repo. 
> Why wait until 5.4.0 to change maintainer? Why delay what your repo needs?

I am sorry about your mental health issues, but its important to be
aware of your own limits. I get that this is a hobby project for all
contributors, but the community desires more. Why not pass on
maintainership for XZ for C so you can give XZ for Java more
attention? Or pass on XZ for Java to someone else to focus on XZ for
C? Trying to maintain both means that neither are maintained well.

Dennis Ens

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