I synchronize (or up until today--tried to synchronize) between a Macbook Pro and an older G5 Dual desktop. I mostly create meta data (tags, collections, etc.) on the MacbookPro but enter data (notes, passwords, etc.) on both.

To date, only my data (actually notes, passwords, etc.) synchronized in Automatic synchronization mode. When I asked why the meta data didn't synch, I was told on this list by BB Support that it did--but apparently my G5 system doesn't read this list, because it still refused to synchronize completely.

However, I had a hunch and I switched it to Hourly mode--voila, the meta data also started synching (tags, tag Collections, etc.). So problem solved, but being the curious user I am, this begs a few questions:

1. Why doesn't BB Support ask the Synch mode setting when someone has problems with synchronization?

2. Is this a known flaw with .Mac Synch and Apple Synchronization API and Service?

3. Is it just Yojimbo for which Automatic Synch mode does not work reliably? It seemed to work for iCal, Address Book, Mail, Safari Bookmarks just fine.

4. What is Automatic mode and why does it exist if the algorithm is patently flawed? Given it is Apple's technology I don't expect BB to fix that, however see the next three questions.

5. Has BB complained to Apple that Automatic Mode is unreliable? Has BB filed any defect reports on this?

6. When I select Yojimbo in .Mac synch, why cannot BB put up a warning that I am in Automatic mode and it doesn't work reliably? Or maybe put that up when I select Yojimbo for synchronization.

7. Has BB tried to get Apple to tell them how to use the Service API to ensure Automatic Synchronization mode works reliably--if that can be done at all?

BB products ( I use BBEdit and Yojimbo) seem so well designed that I doubt it is a lack of skill or knowledge on their part that this doesn't work.
Still, inquiring minds want to know.

Daniel Lord

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