yes, i'm using .mac syncing. that is, i *plan* to. but so far, i only have yojimbo installed on one machine. but perhaps the app is still communicating with whatever data is stored on .mac. but even when i've made no changes to the database -- i'm just opening it to refer to documents within -- i get this problem. but i suppose it may still be comparing data. i wish it could do so without preventing us from interacting with the app....


On May 3, 2007, at 6:06am, Steve Kalkwarf wrote:

i'm enjoying yojimbo (still in the evaluation period), but i have a problem:

each time i launch yojimbo, i get the SBBOD (spinning beach ball of death) off and on for about a minute. during this time, it is very difficult (or sometimes impossible) for me to interact with the application. but after a minute or so, the SBB goes away, and i can work.

Are you using .Mac syncing? Typically this happens as Yojimbo is catching up with syncs that occurred in the background.

If not, write to me directly, and I have a couple questions that might help us narrow it down.

Steve Kalkwarf

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