My last 3 Emails for support of my issues have gone unanswered over a period of two weeks. I still have issues that make Yojimbo unusable for me. Synching doesn’t via .Mac doesn’t even begin to work, although I’ve used the Terminal commands I was given and reset/merged the data. Items I delete still show up in the username>Library>Caches>Metadata>com.barebones.yojimbo folder Sometimes when I click on a Library item, it doesn’t show up in the viewer window - the last item viewed stays there and refuses to budge. Seems like tech support gives you an attempt or two, then gives up on you. I can only think of two reasons for the poor support: 1. Synching is such a problem (verified by things I’ve read elsewhere) that BareBones is throwing their hands up.
2. BareBones just doesn’t care about losing a customer here and there.
I always thought that BareBones was a company of good reputation. I’m a fairly technically proficient user, so I’m not missing something obvious. As my trial runs out in a week, I guess I’m outa here.
Don Truett

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