Syncing is a complex issue, for sure. But there's many other factors to look at, and you might consider sharing a few of those details (if you haven't already).
- how are you connecting to the Internet?
- what speeds/latency are you getting from your ISP?
- does .Mac syncing work for other applications, such as Transmit?
- how large is your Yojimbo data store? Does a smaller store sync fine?

I'll peruse the list archives for past message from you to see if I can build a complete dialog of your experience. And then we can see how to help you out.

Other than syncing, how has your experience with Yojimbo been? Anything positive to share?


On 14-May-07 5:13 AM, at 5:13 AM, Don Truett wrote:

My last 3 Emails for support of my issues have gone unanswered over a period of two weeks. I still have issues that make Yojimbo unusable for me. Synching doesn’t via .Mac doesn’t even begin to work, although I’ve used the Terminal commands I was given and reset/merged the data. Items I delete still show up in the username>Library>Caches>Metadata>com.barebones.yojimbo folder Sometimes when I click on a Library item, it doesn’t show up in the viewer window - the last item viewed stays there and refuses to budge. Seems like tech support gives you an attempt or two, then gives up on you. I can only think of two reasons for the poor support: 1. Synching is such a problem (verified by things I’ve read elsewhere) that BareBones is throwing their hands up.
2. BareBones just doesn’t care about losing a customer here and there.
I always thought that BareBones was a company of good reputation. I’m a fairly technically proficient user, so I’m not missing something obvious. As my trial runs out in a week, I guess I’m outa here.
Don Truett

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