I read through this list's charter, and I think I am staying within bounds by starting this conversation. If I am not inbounds, I apologize.

I have owned Yojimbo since it's release, but adopted it very slowly. Iit has now basically become the main application I use to manage transient information on my primary work computer. (I use Devonthink to manage long term storage of information.) The main reason that Yojimbo won for the day to day use was the tagging infrastructure. However, the way things are currently set up, I typically have information that I have added during the course of the day, and then have to go through all the new stuff and tag it.

I would love it if the quick input dock also included tag entry. It would save me an extra step on literally every piece of textual information that I enter into Yojimbo. I understand that with things like Web archives and pdf's I would still have to do step two.

A second addition that would be very helpful to me, personally, would be the ability to have tags added to items automatically by placing them in a collection.

I know that Bare Bones does not discuss future versions, features of future versions etc. I am, however, curious if other users think these suggestions make sense, or if I am using the app in a different manner than others. My use is totally dependent on the tagging infrastructure.


Robert Occhialini

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