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Circumstances forced a clean reinstall of OS X. I've been replacing items as I find them missing from my Time Machine backup. What I'd like to find now is where the Drop Tab stuff is stored so I can get it, and the function keys back.

From: Ted Wood <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

In Yojimbo menu > Preferences.

Uhm, yes, I've tried that. I have been using Yojimbo since April of 2006, version 1.0.

I had to do an erase and install of the OS. I have been restoring various preferences from the Time Machine backup. I have reinstalled the Library folders and Preferences folders. Some of my applications are not yet fully functional. I have also tried a fresh reinstalled Yojimbo. This problem is not corrected.

There is no Drop tab, and there is no function key functionality. The drop tab pane accepts the clicks and all the buttons are there, yet the drop tab doesn't show up. The Function keys do not show up in the preferences pane of Yojimbo.

I thought someone might know where the documents which set these functions for Yojimbo might be that I can put them into my newly installed System.

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