Hi there!

I want an Applescript that will grab the modified date of a file selected in

Here is how I want it to work:
1) Select file in Yojimbo
2) Execute an applescript. (either from the Script menu, or Quicksilver or
3) The Applescript gets the Modified date of the selected file
4) The applescript returns the modified date in form yymmdd_hh-mm-ss

Basically I'm thinking of creating a TypeIt4Me snippet that executes this
applescript and returns me that value when I am renaming files in Yojimbo.

Below is a script I use to do the same thing, but in the Finder. i.e. the
script gives me the modified date of a file selected in the Finder. I want
to do a similar thing in Yojimbo.

Any ideas?

tell application "Finder" to repeat with MyItem in (get selection)
    do shell script "mdls " & quoted form of POSIX path of (MyItem as text)
& " | grep 'kMDItemContentModificationDate' | awk '/ = / {print $3,$4}'"

    tell the result to set ModDate to text 3 thru 4 & text 6 thru 7 & text 9
thru 10 & "_" & text 12 thru 13 & "-" & text 15 thru 16 & "-" & text 18 thru

    -- display dialog "Modification date:  " & ModDate with title (get name
of MyItem)

    return ModDate
end repeat

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