On Jan 29, 2008, at 5:06 AM, Patrick Woolsey wrote:
(FWIW, since I often need to 'paste plain text' in different apps, I've set up a Keyboard Maestro action mapped to Cmd-Shift-V, but there are plenty of
other ways to skin the same beast :-), e.g. "Plain Clip.app", probably
QuickSilver or LaunchBar, or any of the autotyper tools like TextExpander
or TypeIt4Me with a plain-text shortcut for the clipboard contents.)

Thank you, Patrick! Cmd-Shift-V would be a lot better than the default setup.

If there are any QS users out there who need this, here is how I got it to work:

   1: Invoke Quicksilver.
   2: Type CUR, select "Current Application" (Proxy Object).
   3: Tab, type MEN, select "Menu Bar Items."
   4: Tab, press down arrow to drill into menu.
   5: Type PAS, select "Paste and Match Style."
   6: Invoke QS Preferences (Cmd-,).
   7: Select "Triggers" Tab.
   8: Click the + sign and select "HotKey."
        The action pane appears containing the action.
   9: Verify action, and click "Save."
  10: Select the new action in the Trigger column and set HotKey.

There's only one problem: the HotKey only works in the application that was Current when I set it (in this case Yojimbo). You can work around this by following the same steps with Mail.app active, or any other application you want, and QS will allow you to use the same HotKey. I even verified that the Scope of the HotKey in QS is set to "Enabled in All Applications." I suspect it has something to do with what "Proxy Object" means to Quicksilver.

kind regards,

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