On 4 Apr 2008, at 23:02, Rich Siegel wrote:
I suggest BareBones consider moving their data store out of the sqlite
database and store Yojimbo entries onto the file system.  The time
machine backups are getting rather large when the whole database is
backed up.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Yojimbo uses Core Data, which is a subsystem supplied by the OS for precisely the sort of data storage needs that Yojimbo has. The fact that Core Data uses sqlite is an implementation detail and is, by design, abstracted away from Core Data clients.

Since Core Data is a fundamental part of the OS, we leave it to Apple to make sure that it plays nicely with other relevant OS components. Since Time Machine is brand new and there are still lots of angles to figure out, I have every confidence that in the long term, Time Machine will evolve as necessary to accommodate the needs of Core Data clients.

You mean you're relying on Apple to come up with transaction level backups? Even the open source community hasn't worked that one out properly yet

... ahhh .. no I see what you mean :)

I'm certain someone will come up with a solution in the next year or so which will be adopted by Apple for the benefit of all :)

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