On 5-Apr-08, at 4:19 PM, Doug Ransom wrote:

Angry - no - why would I be angry? Annoyed I am not getting the utility out of Time Machine I would expect, and disturbed all my files archived in Yojimbo are in one big opaque file - yes.

(broken record reply, sorry)

It's unfortunate that Apple didn't deliver a Core Data solution (to third-party developers) for proper Time Machine operation, but the onus is on Apple to fix this one. You have the option of _not_ using Time Machine where it doesn't make sense. Apple gave you that option, and it would make sense to use it in this case. Exclude the Yojimbo data store from being backed up and implement a different backup strategy. Problem solved.

However, as a software architect, I agree with you on the "big opaque file" paradigm... in my databases, I store a record of an archived file in the database, but then the file separately. That reduces the size of the database tremendously, still provides adequate performance and indexing capabilities, and would be more compatible with Time Machine. So, I think there's room for a middle-ground solution.


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