Lorin and Kenneth identified the real issue very well. I think a lot of
the discomfort with not having nested folders is due to a habit of
putting off properly identifying an item. We keep bringing up the book
“Getting Things Done” but the idea of nested folders and multiple
library databases are in stark contrast to the very first steps of GTD.
Folders poorly identify information. At best they just create more
inboxes. Because you haven’t properly identified the specific item you
will waste more time searching six weeks down the road when you need to
produce a receipt, or email the photo of your family eating pizza in
Times Square to your sister. Tagging is a far more fluid way to identify
something at the very moment it enters your system.

Folders don’t address how a group of individuals identify with a piece
of information. You may remember the photo by the name of the
‘Pizzeria’. Your wife may remember it by ‘Times Square’. Your kids might
type a search for ‘extra cheese’. Do none of those make sense to you?
They don’t have to. They only need to be meaningful to the person
searching for the information at that point in time. Anyone and everyone
at home and at work can identify information any way they want without
stepping on someone else’s toes or creating numerous folders and
versions of the same file. This is why I find it a little strange
whenever someone posts a need to limit the tags they use. Why?

Yojimbo is a simple, transparent, semantic based information archiving
and retrieving application. It implements a contemporary view of
organization. Continue to use nested folders if you must. I would
strongly recommend beginning a trasition to a semantic based
organizational system.

Have a great weekend everyone! Luis

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