Perhaps there's a context within which the paragraph below explains how tags are superior to folders but it eludes me. I'm not arguing that tags don't have value and aren't at times more valuable than folders, but this paragraph doesn't explain it to me.

Folders don’t address how a group of individuals identify with a piece
of information. You may remember the photo by the name of the
‘Pizzeria’. Your wife may remember it by ‘Times Square’. Your kids might
type a search for ‘extra cheese’. Do none of those make sense to you?
They don’t have to. They only need to be meaningful to the person
searching for the information at that point in time. Anyone and everyone
at home and at work can identify information any way they want without
stepping on someone else’s toes or creating numerous folders and
versions of the same file. This is why I find it a little strange
whenever someone posts a need to limit the tags they use. Why?

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