I do have to respectfully disagree with the idea of a *correct* folder.
I’m not saying it doesn’t exist or can’t be part of a larger
organizational system. I just think this method can easily (and often
does) break down when a second user is introduced to the system.

Within the context of Yojimbo this argument has no meaning. Yojimbo isn't a shared program so we are free to put things - or tag them - however we choose - unless you are suggesting that two people are sharing a single account. And that is a recipe for all kinds of disasters.

But let me go further. I really fail to see how tags are any better in the context of your argument. Whether I am tagging or filing in folders, if someone new is added to the mix they have to learn the system. Both Yojimbo and the Finder fail miserably when it comes to tags in this respect - neither provide a convenient way to see a master list of tags AND the files associated with them. (At least Yojimbo gives me a master list in Preferences but then I have to close Preferences and search on a couple tags.) When I open a folder I can see a group of files that are (at least in my case) named descriptively and color coded. But since the Finder and Yojimbo don't make it easy to both browse tags AND the files associated with them, I don't think tags are superior to folders. Give Yojimbo an interface similar to Leap which DOES provide a list of tags and immediate feedback on the files with that tag and your argument takes on greater force. But not now.

As far as I can see, Tags have two major advantages over folders (1) I can give one file a multitude of tags whereas I can (conveniently)put a file in only one folder and (2) a tagged file is virtually hierarchical whereas a file inside a nested folder is physically hierarchical. The advantage is that I can quickly and easily change the tagged files hierarchy by changing my search criteria but a file in nested folders has to be physically moved.

These advantages are nothing to be sneezed at but I'd also argue that one of the reasons that folders and nested folders have worked for so long isn't just a matter of habit but also because human beings are spacial thinkers. Folders provide a spacial context - tags don't.

Thankfully Yojimbo provides an easy means to export data. My solution at present is quite workable, though I wish I didn't have this added step. I collect and tag in Yojimbo. When I'm ready to start arranging my collection - because I am a spacial thinker - I export the data by tagged collections and import it into DevonThink Pro. And here's an irony for you - having imported the data into DTP - I don't use nested folders - I simply import the data into folders just as they were exported by tags. Since DevonThink Professional lets me have multiple databases, I can use un-nested folders. The biggest reason I find a need for nested folders in Yojimbo is because everything is all jumbled together in one huge library. --
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