Scott M.
I have to say your use of Yojimbo as an everyday GTD tool is pretty
impressive. Just the ambition to try and use it that way is impressive.
I don’t really see that as the purpose of Yojimbo. (It’s really just
considered an archival application.) That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be
used to do other creative things. I just find that using it as a central
GTD application can be difficult at best. I also don’t think very highly
of the majority of project planner/GTD applications so take that into

I read and re-read your post. I find your system impressive but very
confusing to me. (Which is ok because it’s YOUR system. As long as it
works for you.) I’ve never been fully comfortable with the directory
method of organizing information. The reason I was so drawn to Yojimbo
was because it thinks the way I do. (In a much more contextual manner.)

You’re definitely not alone in your hesitance to use tags. David said
this weekend that humans are spacial thinkers. Which is why stuffing
things into an established hierarchy makes more sense than tags. While
it’s true that - some - people are spacial thinkers, there are also
people who are relational, oral, experiential, and a number of other
types of thinkers.

Tags, tag collections, smart folders, labels, and comments all offer the
ability to create multiple contexts and I really like that. That’s how
Yojimbo was designed to organize information. I realize it’s not for
everyone (apparently not the spacial thinkers) but they have a whole lot
of options out there to suit there needs perfectly well.

You've inspired me. I'm planning a trip to the 
Bronx Zoo in the next few weeks. : )


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