Patrick Woolsey wrote:
Forrest Aldrich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sez:

I'm interested in replicating my Yojimbo "database" so I can use it
elsewhere (ie: at work).  I'm aware that it has .mac capability, but I
wonder if that's simply a sync of files to the iDisk (copying), and how
would you resolve differences if, say, you do writes in one location and
not the other?

Depending on how that works, I wonder if it would be possible to bypass
.mac dependency and set up something like rsync or unison to replicate
via SSH to an external location.

It is not; please see:


Thanks, this should work fine...

A curious side note here is privacy. I wrote to Apple asking them if, in any way, they index or access our personal data and share those results with any other process. They never responded (I tried a couple of times).

So I could selectively encrypt my data within Yojimbo and have it protected that way.

For that matter, how complex (or simple) is the encryption in Yojimbo (including any backdoors). ;-)


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