Forrest Aldrich wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Yojimbo...

Finally, I would love to be able to export portions of my Yojimbo content (ie: some stored tutorials or web pages) for use in smaller functions like a Wiki. I'm not clear whether that's even possible.

I'm sure that a fancy applescript could wrangle this for you.

One minor annoyance I find with web page import is the inability to
edit out content like annoying ads.  Yojimbo will store the object,
code, etc, and when you view it, you get a nice flashy ad (I wonder if
the code is being executed to pull in new content into that space, too).

I use Firefox along with adblock, but this has no effect on the "Archive in Yojimbo" script. I wonder if anyone has a solution to that.

Instead of saving a web page, what if you printed to PDF from your adblocked browser?

I personally use the "print this article" exporting a PDF directly into Yojimbo for similar purposes.


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