Forrest Aldrich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sez:

>A curious side note here is privacy.  I wrote to Apple asking them if,
>in any way, they index or access our personal data and share those
>results with any other process.  They never responded (I tried a couple
>of times).

Afraid I can't offer any special insight, though I would expect this to be
covered by the .Mac terms of service and/or Apple's privacy policy.

>So I could selectively encrypt my data within Yojimbo and have it
>protected that way.

That's correct; any items you encrypt will be protected in transit and
while stored on the .Mac servers (as well as on your Mac(s)).

>For that matter, how complex (or simple) is the encryption in Yojimbo
>(including any backdoors). ;-)

Yojimbo uses AES-256, which is a strong, system-provided encryption
mechanism, to protect item content, and there are no backdoors nor reset

So, if your dog eats the PostIt that has your Yojimbo password, we're sorry
but we won't be able to help... :-)


 Patrick Woolsey
Bare Bones Software, Inc.                        <>
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