"David K. Kim" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> sez:

>I am evaluating Yojimbo and am near the end of the trial period.  There is a
>vexing problem that crops up intermittently.  I would appreciate any
>(1) Sometimes, when I "archive in Yojimbo" with a Camino hotlink, or import
>something as a WebArchive, it will not show up, either in the preview pane
>or by selecting "[open in new window]".  Instead I get a blank screen.
>I have noticed that this sometimes occurs the first time, and I think also
>intermittently.  Note this seems different from the problem where Yojimbo's
>download process hits a gateway ad page or login screen (not sure how to fix
>that, either, see below).

This may indicate the page loading attempt is timing out; if you see this
happen often, please contact support <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> so we can

>(2) Any insights into how to work around those times when Yojimbo does get
>hung up on an ad page or login gateway screen?  I would think Yojimbo uses a
>common framework (from Cocoa) for web download.  Does this mean the problem
>can be worked around by logging onto those sites with Safari first, or by
>browsing with Safari?

In general, if you want to archive pages from any site which requires login
(or is otherwise access-controlled), logging in via Safari first should do
the trick.


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