Mikael Magnusson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> What's the reason to not allow a newer Erlang/OTP release?

The main reason is that I have seen (new) Erlang/OTP versions that 
actually did NOT work very well. It took me some releases of R10B-x to 
get the Erlang/OTP team to fix Erlang over SSL distribution when they 
accidentally broke it. They don't use inet_dist_ssl, and apparently no 
paying customers use it either, so they don't test it before releases.

Also they have broken IPv6 hostname resolving on lots of Linux glibcs, 
although most people don't care about the v6-support in YXA so I don't 
require you to use an (_old_) version where that works.

> Is there
> any problems running the latest Yxa release (0.91) on Erlang/OTP
> R11B-1?

Not that I know of. The current snapshots require R11B-1, and that is 
what I use in my production systems.

> What do you think of auto generating the rel-files, based on
> what library versions exist on the build system?

Nice, if it is optional. Even nicer if it is "only for newer Erlang/OTP, 
never for older". I'm thinking a configure swhitch 
like --with-newer-erlang or something.

Not nice at all if it would enable people to try and use older versions 
of Erlang/OTP - I actually use a number of features that are only 
available (and working) in late versions of R10B and the current R11B. I 
found a number of compiler problems mainly with try/catch introduced in 
R10-something that makes current YXA code actually _require_ a minimum 
version of Erlang/OTP.


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