Peter Krnjevic wrote:
> Googling shows others having problems with SSL distribution, though I 
> don't know enough yet to know if the causes are the same.
> In the meantime, since both Yxa and Yaws are running on the same server, 
> simply disabling SSL did the trick.
> Long-term though, I need to find a solution so if you have any 
> suggestions...

It's almost certainly related to Erlang (SSL) distribution between the 
Yaws and the YXA node... I was going to say that you should check that 
the same magic cookie is used for both nodes, but since it works for you 
when you skipped SSL the cookie can't be the problem.

I'm afraid I must advise you to read up on Erlang distribution in order 
to find the real problem. You might want to try different Erlang 
versions - SSL distribution has been broken from time to time. I use 
R11B-2 myself at the moment. I think SSL dist was broken in R11B-3 and 
fixed again in R11B-5 (or -4). That's why I haven't upgraded since 
R11B-2 - I haven't had the time to check if a newer version works.


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