I've no idea what I'm doing wrong, but whether "outgoingproxy" is
running or not seems to make no difference.
Phones that require NAT from my LAN appear in the location database with
the same ip address and port and all inbound calls are routed to the
first phone.
Here are my incoming and outgoing proxy config files, if anyone has any
I'm also having constant problems trying to register a couple of
GrandStream GXP2000s - receiving authentication errors and refusing to
register, either directly connected to the Internet or on LAN
And I've checked: the phones are pointing to port 5090 and the
transactions are showing up on "outgoingproxy".
Any and all suggestions welcome.
Best regards,
Peter Krnjevic

[{incomingproxy, [{sipauth_realm, ""},
        {sipauth_password, "123456"},
        {defaultroute, "sip1.mci.com"},
        {logger_logbasename, "/var/log/incomingproxy"},
        {internal_to_e164, [{"^00(.+)$", "+\\1"},
                {"^0(.+)$", "+46\\1"},
                {"^(.+)$", "+468\\1"}
        {e164_to_pstn, [{"^\\+468([1-9][0-9]+)$", "\
                {"^\\+46([1-9][0-9]+)$", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"},
                {"^\\+44([1-9][0-9]+)$", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"},
                {"^\\+([0-9]+)$", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"}
                {number_to_pstn, [{"^118$", "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"}]},
        {enum_domainlist, ["e164.arpa"]},
        {homedomain, ["mydomain.com"]},
        {listenport, 5060},
        {myhostnames, ["proxy1.mydomain.com"]},
        {appserver, "appserver.mydomain.com:5070"},
        {eventserver, "eventserver.mydomain.com"}
[{outgoingproxy, [{sipauth_realm, ""},
        {sipauth_password, "verysecret"},
        {logger_logbasename, "/var/log/outgoingproxy"},
        {sipproxy, ""},
        {databaseservers, ['[EMAIL PROTECTED]']},
        {homedomain, ["mydomain.com"]},
        {listenport, 5090}, 
        {myhostnames, ["proxy1.mydomain.com"]}

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