Peter Krnjevic wrote:
> I've no idea what I'm doing wrong, but whether "outgoingproxy" is
> running or not seems to make no difference.
> Phones that require NAT from my LAN appear in the location database with
> the same ip address and port and all inbound calls are routed to the
> first phone.
> Here are my incoming and outgoing proxy config files, if anyone has any
> suggestions?
> I'm also having constant problems trying to register a couple of
> GrandStream GXP2000s - receiving authentication errors and refusing to
> register, either directly connected to the Internet or on LAN
> (192.168...).
> And I've checked: the phones are pointing to port 5090 and the
> transactions are showing up on "outgoingproxy".
> Any and all suggestions welcome.
> Best regards,
> Peter Krnjevic

I think outgoingproxy is meant to be used with a connection oriented 
transport, TCP or TLS.

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