Peter Krnjevic wrote:
> I've no idea what I'm doing wrong, but whether "outgoingproxy" is
> running or not seems to make no difference.
> Phones that require NAT from my LAN appear in the location database with
> the same ip address and port and all inbound calls are routed to the
> first phone.

Well, as Mikael Magnusson replied the outgoingproxy is primarily useful 
with TCP or TLS connections, although if a client registers using UDP 
and then keeps any NAT bindings open (by sending UDP keepalives) it 
should work as expected there too.

Please check that the outgoingproxy is actually writing entrys to the 
location database itself, and not just routing the SIP REGISTER on to 
the incomingproxy. Besides that, it should work. I use it heavily myself 
although not with UDP clients... if it doesn't then please show some logs.


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