John Koenig wrote:
> Hi, I am new here, and to SIP in general, so please excuse me if I 
> happen to say something foolish.
> I stumbled across Yxa's site this morning while I was looking at 
> open-source SIP solutions.  I was very pleased to find an Erlang based 
> solution as I am an Erlang developer by trade.  After looking over your 
> site I had a couple of questions about Yxa.
> 1)  Would Yxa be able to communicate with SER (Service Express Router) 
> such that SER could be used as sub-agents in the network?
> 2) Is Yxa capable of talking to a terminating nodes (like AT&T) to allow 
> IP phones to connect with normal land-lines?
> Thanks in advance, and I look forward to working with Yxa!

YXA is very interoperable, so it would almost certainly be able to talk 
to those other devices.

If it can say what you want to those other devices is a completely 
different question, which is probably only limited by your skills as an 
Erlang programmer ;)

By this I mean that you can probably program the SIP stack in YXA to do 
whatever you want, but there might not be an YXA application that can 
solve whatever use case you have.

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