> I stumbled across Yxa's site this morning while I was looking at
> open-source SIP solutions.  I was very pleased to find an Erlang based
> solution as I am an Erlang developer by trade.  After looking over your
> site I had a couple of questions about Yxa.
> 1)  Would Yxa be able to communicate with SER (Service Express Router)
> such that SER could be used as sub-agents in the network?


No problem at all.  I'm using a few of them each and it works.

> 2) Is Yxa capable of talking to a terminating nodes (like AT&T) to allow
> IP phones to connect with normal land-lines?


I've been using Yxa to terminate ans originate PSTN traffic at Voxbone,
TDC (Sweden and Norway) Gotanet.se (Sweden) and Verizon.

AT&T should be no problem.

> Thanks in advance, and I look forward to working with Yxa!

You're welcome!

Best regards,

Peter Fassberg

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