Krister Jarl wrote:
> Hi!
> I've noticed that Yxa (pstnproxy) doesn't seem to start options-pinging
> blacklisted destination unless there are outgoing requests to be sent to
> that destination.


> What happens is that if we have a very low rate of outgoing calls to a
> destination, no options-pinging is started (although indicated by the
> probe_t in blacklist_entry) and the blacklist entry expires.

Right. You have to draw the line somewhere; all SIP servers can't keep 
track of availability of all other SIP servers on the internet, so I've 
drawn the default line in YXA such as that you only keep track of peers 
you've tried to speak to recently.

> If our
> DNS-records indicate that this destination is the preferred one we will
> have a situation where every call is failed (leading to a new a
> blacklist, that then expires and so on). One could adjust the
> sipsocket_blacklist_duration time upwards but this will just by you some
> time, it doesn't really solve the problem.

YXA can never solve this problem since the problem is incorrect DNS 
configuration of the domain you are sending occasional requests to.

> Is this behaviour intentional or is this a bug?

Intentional. You are most welcome to argue for a change of the logic 
though if you'd like. I reserve the right to retort =).

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