Thanks for your reply!

>Krister Jarl wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I've noticed that Yxa (pstnproxy) doesn't seem to start
>> blacklisted destination unless there are outgoing requests to be sent
>> that destination.
>> What happens is that if we have a very low rate of outgoing calls to
>> destination, no options-pinging is started (although indicated by the
>> probe_t in blacklist_entry) and the blacklist entry expires.
>Right. You have to draw the line somewhere; all SIP servers can't keep
>track of availability of all other SIP servers on the internet, so I've
>drawn the default line in YXA such as that you only keep track of peers
>you've tried to speak to recently.

>> If our
>> DNS-records indicate that this destination is the preferred one we
>> have a situation where every call is failed (leading to a new a
>> blacklist, that then expires and so on). One could adjust the
>> sipsocket_blacklist_duration time upwards but this will just by you
>> time, it doesn't really solve the problem.
>YXA can never solve this problem since the problem is incorrect DNS
>configuration of the domain you are sending occasional requests to.

Can you please clarify for me why this is incorrect DNS configuration? I
had the following setup in mind when writing the question. 41520 IN   SRV     1 1 5060 41520 IN   SRV     2 1 5060

What this essentially means is that should be used
as long as it's responding. But this doesn't happen since it falls out
of the blacklist.
>> Is this behaviour intentional or is this a bug?
>Intentional. You are most welcome to argue for a change of the logic
>though if you'd like. I reserve the right to retort =).


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