Actually, compiling with erlang version OTP R12B.3-2 fails  saying that
a number of variables are not bounded . (the actual list is quite about
10 items).
Is the latest developed version on svn closer to version 1.1 ?
Thanks for the hint on the mailing list; I will take a look.

Costin-Tiberiu Radu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

P.S. Congratulation on your new born child. Enjoy your time with him/her
and forget about this list for a while.

În data de Du, 05-10-2008 la 11:41 +0200, Fredrik Thulin a scris:

> Costin-Tiberiu Radu wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > Is there any work done on the yxa at this moment?
> > I've noticed that the latest version is from 2007 and the problem that
> > bothered me the most it required some specific Erlang version.
> > Would it be a dead end to try to hardcode hack the source to reflect the
> > new version of Erlang/OTP ?
> > My problem is that I do not want to have many Erlang versions for
> > different applications
> Well, yes and no. I'm the main developer of YXA and I'm currently on 
> paternity leave.
> I've been meaning to release a 1.1 version of YXA soon, with a number of 
> fixes and small improvements that have been made in the last year, but 
> never get the time to do it...
> It is easy to hack the source to use another version of Erlang, but it 
> is hard coded for a reason (see mailing list archives for longer 
> explanation, but it is about certifying that YXA works with specific 
> Erlang versions).
> /Fredrik

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