Costin-Tiberiu Radu wrote:
> Actually, compiling with erlang version OTP R12B.3-2 fails  saying that
> a number of variables are not bounded . (the actual list is quite about
> 10 items).

> Is the latest developed version on svn closer to version 1.1 ?

Yes. I have about one outstanding item I've said I'll fix (not a bug), 
and then I'd say it's ready for 1.1 - *when* it works with the most 
recent version of Erlang/OTP.

Quite a few times, new versions of Erlang/OTP have been unable to 
compile YXA, and it has always been due to bugs in Erlang/OTP. If it is 
like you say, that Erlang/OTP R12B-3 can't compile YXA then there is 
probably a bug that needs reporting to the erlang-questions (and/or 
erlang-bugs) mailing list.

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