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On Oct 23, 2008, at 12:19 PM, Fredrik Thulin wrote:

> Kobi Eshun wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm interested in using yxa only as a registrar and perhaps an  
>> event  server, downstream of an ingress proxy that handles  
>> authentication.  What is the best way to configure the  
>> incomingproxy to skip all  authentication, or to authenticate by  
>> source IP/port? Thanks in advance,
> That question has been asked before. I don't get it though - why do  
> people want to bypass authentication with SIP servers, when no one  
> would even think of doing it in an e-mail server?

For use in a trusted network of cooperating servers -- there is  
absolutely no need for any authentication.

> What is missing in YXA that makes you want to put it behind another  
> server anyways?

Crikey, I can't believe you would seriously ask that! First of all, it  
is very common to expect to receive traffic from other proxies, in  
particular for receiving PSTN traffic. In our experience, most vendors  
prefer IP-address based authentication over 407/Proxy Auth.

Second, even if YXA implemented all of the functionality a network  
operator might want, it is still desirable to avoid porting all  
existing application server logic to a new platform. And yes, I do  
have significant application server logic implement already for  

Third, YXA does not currently have all the required functionality  
readily available. What it does have is access to an elegant,  
distributed backing store for dialog state.  I'd like to see if I can  
leverage that.
> Now, to give you a hint about the answer to your question. There is  
> no configuration parameter to turn off authentication, but YXA does  
> provide enough rope to let you shoot you in the foot. Look at  
> creating a local.erl file for your domain (see README) exporting  
> code like this (not tested) :
> can_register(Header, ToURL) ->
>   User = sipurl:print(ToURL),
>   {{true, "foo"}, User}.
> /Fredrik

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