No offense taken, Frederik, but thanks for clarifying. I do think that  
the Yxa project has the right pieces to build a fast, scalable  
registrar/location/proxy server, and perhaps offering redirect service  
too. That would make a compelling SIP service component, IMO. Thoughts?


On Oct 24, 2008, at 3:30 AM, Fredrik Thulin wrote:

> Kobi Eshun wrote:
>> Thanks for the hint. Answers to your related Qs inline. Cheers,
>> -- 
>> kobi
>> On Oct 23, 2008, at 12:19 PM, Fredrik Thulin wrote:
>>> Kobi Eshun wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm interested in using yxa only as a registrar and perhaps an  
>>>> event  server, downstream of an ingress proxy that handles  
>>>> authentication.  What is the best way to configure the  
>>>> incomingproxy to skip all  authentication, or to authenticate by  
>>>> source IP/port? Thanks in advance,
>>> That question has been asked before. I don't get it though - why  
>>> do people want to bypass authentication with SIP servers, when no  
>>> one would even think of doing it in an e-mail server?
>> For use in a trusted network of cooperating servers -- there is  
>> absolutely no need for any authentication.
> To be honest, I guessed this would be the answer. People build  
> walled gardens for SIP, but they don't for e-mail. It's an  
> interesting paralell though - why don't they? How come people have  
> passwords for their e-mail account even when accessing it using a  
> private corporate network, but they don't feel they need it for VoIP?
> Extending YXA to allow it to trust peers with SSL client  
> certificates could partially adress this, although I don't generally  
> consider receiving a request from a authenticated peer good enough  
> confirmation that said peer wants me to act on the request in a  
> certain way (like sending it on to a costly PSTN destination for  
> example).
>>> What is missing in YXA that makes you want to put it behind  
>>> another server anyways?
>> Crikey, I can't believe you would seriously ask that!
> Sorry if I offended you - that wasn't my intention and yes, I'm very  
> well aware of the fact that YXA doesn't do everything possibly  
> needed everywhere when it comes to SIP ;). I was thinking that maybe  
> the reason  was that your ingress server supported another  
> authentication backend or similar...
> the rest of your reply included for the list
> > First of all, it
> > is very common to expect to receive traffic from other proxies, in
> > particular for receiving PSTN traffic. In our experience, most  
> vendors
> > prefer IP-address based authentication over 407/Proxy Auth.
> >
> > Second, even if YXA implemented all of the functionality a network
> > operator might want, it is still desirable to avoid porting all
> > existing
> > application server logic to a new platform. And yes, I do have
> > significant application server logic implement already for
> > OpenSER/OpenSIPs.
> >
> > Third, YXA does not currently have all the required functionality
> > readily available. What it does have is access to an elegant,
> > distributed backing store for dialog state.  I'd like to see if I  
> can
> > leverage that.
> /Fredrik

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