2008/8/20 Hanno Schlichting <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> If we can make sure, there is a way to compile all those cached
> templates without the application running, we should be fine. See
> precompiler [1] for an example.

We can't, because we don't know the argument signatures in advance.

> If we need the whole application to be running or cannot generate all
> cached files upfront, this is not acceptable in my opinion.

I think this is jumping to conclusions; people that need this kind of
setup could perhaps live with the delay of recompiling templates on
startup. What are the arguments for disallowing write-access?

> The main idea of using environment variables for this kind of
> configuration from my point of view is to make those into sys admin
> changeable settings.

I agree on this; if there's a setting needed, it should be using the
system environment.


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