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I have been otherwise for some while, but have finally shed one of my
major preoccupations as promised.

Now I had also promised pm_groups that I would get our web site up to
date. Time for action. Our website.

- which currently is showing a 7 year-old face to the world. I had taken
some steps to look at this without any success at an earlier stage. No
success then, and none now.

First I have to deal with Bitcard.
I have a Bitcard account with username and password.
Today I added the URL as a site to this.
I now have a Site Token & a API secret, both humungous random strings

Before this, back in April, I had recorded from somewhere a WebDav user
name and password which must have come from somewhere, but not in any
email that I find.

is not particularly clear to me in my present state of knowledge.

I downloaded and installed cadaver to connect, but cannot get it to
connect to the site using that name and password. Whether the problem
is to do with said name and password per se, or with getting the right
command line, I cannot say.

[I assumed that if I got connected I could 'get' the files and see what
was there, which is the whole point of the current exercise.]

But no luck. If anyone has the knowledge to baby-step me through this
process I'd appreciate some help. I don't understand what is the
relationship with these different things.

Otherwise I will have to ask for assistance from pm_groups and I would
rather not do that - better to cope ourselves I feel.


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