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Hi fellow Zappa-heads!
-Hi, Danny!

I've just joined the group - and would like to trade/exchange/swap.
etc, anything Zappa related. I've been an on-off trader for some
years now, and have amassed a relatively large collection of FZ and
FZ-related audio cassettes and a much smaller load of CD-Rs. I can
send you my list if you like.
-I'd like to have a look at that list. Perhaps we can trade. I gots some things. I'll send a list over, too, if you're interested.

4. the Yo Mama and Wild Love Variation Variations that appeared not
that long ago on The Big Note site and will be re-appearing again,
soon, somewhere (here?)
-yeah, speaking of which, if i anyone has burned these suckers to CD-R (the Drowning Witch Variations, as well!) I'd really like to get a copy


For further Z-related fun, please visit or , thank you.

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