As a 'practical conservative' (not a liberal, sorry; plenty of liberal leanings, but just not quite there), and one who voted Nader last time, I'm not pissed at Ralph for what happened last go-round.
Jeb, yeah, I'm pissed at him. The way the courts were halted, yeah I'm pissed about that. But I don't blame Ralph...
However, I'm not pleased with Ralph - especially his comments regarding Bush as a superior politico (when we all know he means "well connected"). I'm not a fan of John Kerry, but I'm willing to let him prove himself - over another 4 years of W. I know his logic, appeal to the conservatives, but that aint gonna cut it this time. He made a statement 4 years ago, a statement both parties chose to ignore. The disaffected conservatives aren't going to cast their votes for Ralph again. This time around, a vote for Ralph (no matter how idealistically intended) IS a vote for W.
I'd personally like to see Ralph in Government. Office of Homeland Whistle-blowing... The Republicans, with their ties with Corporate America and the Military/Industrial Complex would never give him the time of day. The Dems might - tho' not likely. He could court the Dems, get a platform where he could actually do some good, but he won't. Without some kind of backing via the Dems, or other major party, he's pissin' in the wind.
Just like Carter. If you discount the the bumbled Hostage Rescue mission, he was not a bad administrator. But he wouldn't play Washington's game and - therefore - he got nothing done. You can't waltz into Washington and announce, "Okay, guys, I'm in charge now", and expect anyone to listen. Were Ralph elected (of course, I'm being hypothetical; I'm not stupid), he would be able to accomplish very, very little. One guy cannot undo the shit that our government has done without some major clout. And Ralph has none.
Goddam idealism...
We had the chance - 32 years ago - but we blew it. The problem with idealism is it's just not practical.
(gets off soapbox)
Sorry if I bored anyone.
FZ once said, "If you can't work within the system for change, you're just playing with yourself until the next new face comes along." Our boy Ralph has no ties within a system he's been fucking with for the last 40 years.
Does that comment bring this on topic?
Ralph has been saying that in a Gallup/ABC poll of Nader voters, after those
who would not vote at all if he were nor running are taken out, fifty
percent are coming from Republicans. I can believe it. Liberals are pissed
at him and blame him for 2000, erroneously in my opinion.


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