Yep! I can relate to that. I recently read again (after about a 15 year absence!!), "The Simulacra" and I was quite astonished/knocked-back by its insights/prescience. And, yes, "Radio Free Albemouth" is a great novel, especialy as - IF I recall correctly - PKD 'assimilates' his experince of being monitored/investigated by the 'dark forces' of the FBI/CIA. PKD, in the lates 1960s, attended a few meetings of the Communist Party of the United States of America, which was enjoying a mini-renaissance under the 'fire' of people like Angela Davies (especally in California, PKD's base). He eventually 'drifted' away, but was classified as a Communist Party sympathiser/'fellow-traveller, and 'monitored' day and night' by YOU-KNOW-WHO. At one stage, it was fairly clear that PKD's phone was being TAPPED by the FBI/CIA, but almost everybody - understandably in some ways, given his drugs-intake - dismissed him for being 'paranoid'. We now know, of course, and it has been since 'officially' confessed, that his phone WAS tapped by the FBI/CIA, and his apartment WAS broken into, and burgled, by FBI/CIA shits looking for 'subversive/communist' material.
Meanwhile, back in Florida ...

"mr. and mrs. skull" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Life in America has been frighteningly reminiscent of MANY PKD novel's for sometime. I just read "The Simulacra" not too long ago and that was also a scary parallel of life in this country. Same with "Radio Free Albemuth".
"Philip K Dick's The man in the high castle ...?"

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