Title: Re: [Zappa-List] OT: Holdsworth/Colaiuta
In fact, the Road Games Holdsworth album has notes from Eddie Jobson describing the first time he played Holdsworth for Zappa. Also, Zappa is mentioned in the acknowledgements of a Holdsworth title.


Indeed, with a line-up like that you cannot go far wrong! I do recall, dimly through a glass darkly (or something like that), listening to a FZ interview where he positively name-checked Allan Holdsworth - an extremely rare occurence indeed!
That reminds me, I really must get some more Holdsworth ... (also dimly recall joining the 'official' Holdsworth forum some time ago).
er, what's my name again ...? Oh yes, I dimly recall, DANNY

bizarredk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Guess some of you Zappaholics might like Holdsworth as well. A torrent
has been uploaded to EZT - Holdsworth with Colaiuta on drums - this
has to be awesome.
Go grap yourself a copy

:) Carsten

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