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> Folks,
> Picking up on a previous posting, in a fit of New Year's generosity, I
> will shed my lurker's coat for a few moments to let y'all know that I
> have five gmail accounts to share to the first five who respond to me
> off-list - but read on first; there's a bit of a catch.
> To make this posting at least someone relevant to this group's overall
> thrust and mission, here's my dilemma: In the 1990s, I was actively
> involved in *non-profit* trading of tapes of FZ concerts; between 1991
> and 1997, I amassed approximately 1,600 hours' worth of FZ on tape,
> before I eventually burned out on the whole thing. About 900 of these
> tapes are properly labeled and have even been listened to, but I have
> stacks of tapes collecting dust; since becoming someone's father, I
> have simply not had the time to indulge in many of my past loves and
> hobbies.
> In any event, also contributing to the stagnation of my collecting was
> that as new technologies emerged, I was a bit slow on the uptake. As
> more and more folks began to talk about, and become increasingly
> proficient at, trading CD-Rs and downloading mp3- and shn-files, I
> fell farther and farther behind, not knowing what most of these things
> are, let alone what they do and/or what's required to make them work
> properly.
> It wasn't until about two months ago that I finally acquired the
> ability to burn CDs... and I have yet to do so. Thus, here's my
> question: what would be the best way to transfer all these Maxell and
> TDK tapes to CDs? By "best," I mean in what manner would I be able to
> best preserve the integrity of the original recording? How would I go
> about removing any annoying and/or distracting cuts and breaks in the
> recordings? What would be the most economical way to transfer 1,600+
> hours of tape onto CDs? What kinds of hardware and software would be
> necessary to accomplish this?
> Your expertise and willingness to share and educate a novice would be
> most appreciated. As I said above, I have five gmail accounts with
> 1000 MBs of storage to disseminate, and would be very happy to dole
> these out in exchange for your help. Please contact me off-list.
> Many thanks and in the hope that peace will be restored before long, I
> wish each and every one of you happy new year.
> Frank
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For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or 
http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you. 
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