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> I know... And neither does any FZ fan or tape site. Except 
theBIGnote, thanks to your article ; )


> Are you aware of any site that does? 

Yes, this one - although oddly it doesn't say it's verified - I mean 
come on - I'm not just some drugged out hippy who can't remember his 
own birthday - I'm a serious Zappahead AND pro musician who 
remembers all of my career and that of FZ and my times seeing him in 
concert and visiting him at his home. I write songs with Jimmy Carl 
Black and I've contributed to the Zappalog as well as Greg Russo's 
book - so my word should be good enough:


You can also go here to this forum and see that not only I have been 
recently talking about that show, but there are others that were 
there that night, who are also musicians, and vividly recall being 
at that show with Steely Dan opening. 

It's also not a great coincidence that Steely Dan opened for FZ the 
following evening in Kansas City, which is only 3 hours away from 

And besides, there has to be documentation of when FZ met and heard 
Craig Twister Steward in Wichita and this was that night - Friday - 
Dec 1, 1972:


>>The only confirmation I've found is yours, and an 
interview "Twister" gave.

As I posted above, there are more guys here posting their memories 
of that Wichita show, including my bass player who drove us there 
that day from my hometown of Manhattan, KS - we got in free because 
my bass player used to play in a band with a trumpet player named 
Roger Lewis - and Lewis used to play in a band with Earle Dumler. 

Dumler is a Kansas native from the town of Russell - home of Bob 
Dole - and Dumler was a member that night of FZ's band:


> But that's no big deal, really. I personally verified a show for 
Ulrich, and it happens all the time. The problem they deal with is 
the documentation; they tend to want a little more than "I remember 

"I remember when" is not my style. I have a very clear memory of all 
the things that have happened in my amazing musical journey around 
the world several times over as guitarist with Bob Seger, Chicago 
and French legend Veronique Sanson. I don't forget musical 
milestones like hanging out with Frank Zappa at a Petit Wazoo show 
in Wichita, KS.

> Ya know Dawayne, you really should contact Charles Ulrich about 
this show... I've heard he's in the process of writing a book on FZ; 
with your intimate knowledge, you might be a potential resource...

I contacted Charles about this show a year or two ago and he's added 
it to his site but it doesn't say "verified". I verify it, along 
with many others, so what's there not to verify?

And lastly, I thank you again for all your help in my obtaining so 
many FZ recordings. Much appreciated.

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