I do not (and will not) support a "list" of "deadbeats"...
I rather favor Richard's idea of skipping over those who do not respond in a timely manner. Many members are on the digest system; many more do not receive any email from the group at all, they prefer to check the site. But that doesn't allow for negligence on a viner's part. Being part of a vine means keeping track of that vine...
No "lists" please, it fucks with my digestion.
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That is a fine idea for certain situations. But what do we do with those
people who kill a vine dead right in the middle of it's progression?
I suggest that if certain names keep coming up that we keep a list of them
in the 'files' section for this group.
> What exactly can you do but hop over someone that isn't answering and is
> next in line for the vine.

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