Nope, never have seen the arrival of MITB. Gave up, but thought I'd mention it. Desperation is the mothers of invention.
Yeah, wondered about how one diapered a vine...
Ho did that one die a premature death as well? Did you ever get it? I restarted it once and it got to at least one or two. Then I remember it got lost in the mail but I thought someone had said they would resend the discs?


BTW obvius typo in my previus post (diapering vines) should be disappearing vines. lol
Jim L


Well, then it looks as if delay is not the issue here then. But it sure does suck when you wait so long on a vine that you begin to accept the fact that you might not ever receive it. MITB comes to mind for me on this one.


Mr. Skull

Personally I don’t mind a delay. Especially if the person sends a post to the list explaining it. It’s the vines that just stop. I really don’t know were all this has happened. Ok I think I know about a couple of recent ones. I just know that out of the several vines I’ve started over the last 6 to 12 months only one or two seem to have completed to the point that someone posts a message saying they were last. I’ve never even been affected much by diapering vines because I seldom sign up to receive one. More often it’s just that I’ve acquired something that I think is more than worth sharing and so I start one.   

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