Sorry here is a good download location.

The new one is at the top.


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Try ripping it to the hard drive with DVDShrink. I’ve found that it sometimes fixes minor glitches as well as being useful to backup the copyrighted stuff. Just do a full backup and it will maintain all the menus and such. Then you can burn with your usual program. If something is drastically wrong with the disc DVDShrink won’t be able to rip it however. Free download.



Jim L

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Hi all,

         just thought I would let everyone know that I am encountering difficulties copying the PAL Austrian Doc Ohne Maulkorb / In Prague PAL and TV 5 more Budapest. at the moment a copy and paste of files or using Pinnacle produces copies that freeze in various places that don't freeze in the original. This may cause a little delay while I bash the PC, smash a new copy of Pinnacle in and do all the other little tricks that WILL make it work...Thanks..

I Think we are only talking a few days...



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