That’s so cool Rabbit. I’d love to hear some of the stories you must have.


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i know larry fischer, i played a news years show with him that zappa had herb cohen record,

 he is a little nuts, and flipped out,  it was a concert i  will never forget

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Opened yesterday in Manhattan. From a review in the NY Times by
Stephen Holden:
[Not everyone who watches this sad, disturbing film with its flashy,
animated embellishments will agree that what Mr. Fischer does is art,
whether outsider or any other kind. Some of the most extravagant
claims on his behalf come from Mark Mothersbaugh, the lead singer of
Devo, who compares Mr. Fischer to van Gogh. The dreaded word "genius"
is trotted out. Be assured, there's no sign of that.///
"One thing you've got to remember is that he actually is a wild
person; Larry is dangerous," Zappa declares in an old interview. Their
relationship ended when Mr. Fischer, in a rage, hurled a bottle that
barely missed striking Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit.]

Directed by Josh Rubin

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