Thanks to Fernando, Joe and Michael i have these dvds to reoffer to the list.
who´s next?

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With the great help from the Michael Painter, I am proud to pass these DVD's to the next on the Vine. 
Going to today South America.  Look to Fernando to move this along to the next.
Regards to all on the Zappa-List:  Music is the best, next to Video

> DVD 1 - March 30th, 1978 Ohne Maulkorb 34 55 min, NTSC, B+/B+
>         Vienna, Austria  (interview + music)
> Interviews and tour report. Frank and the interviewer (Rudi Dolezal)
> have a disagreement about Cadillacs, which results in a small movie
> under FZ's direction - funny. Also a rare performance of Bobby Brown,
> with just FZ and Tommy Mars on the piano.
> The "Rudi's Cadillac Extravaganza" should be called "Ohne Maulkorb",
> which is the name of this first great DoRo (Rudi Dolezal, Hannes
> Rossacher)film. I'm pretty sure there are no 55 min versions. FZ is at
> his sneering, cynical "best". The comment "Ladies and Gentlemen, this
> is a classic example of a jerk for an interviewer" is a classic.
> Actually "Ohne Maulkorb" (translated "Without Muzzle") is not a film,
> but a youth orientated Austrian bi-weekly TV show, which was aired
> IIRC from the end of the 60's to the second half of the 80's. Each
> episode lasted 45-60 minutes and comprised documentaries about
> socio-politicaland musical  issues.
> DVD 2 - FZ in Prague
> 1.Zappa in Prague - TV program from airport and visit to gov. B+ time
> 30:00
> 2.Prazsky Vyber - live concert C+ time 11:27
> Lineage:No.1 mpg file from trade > color correction by Canopus
> ProCoder,No.2 (3 gen) VHS tape from trade >Thompson VPR 6990ChromaPro
> > Pioneer DVR 5100H >>Nero 7.0

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