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I am also curious if anyone knows the source of where these came from?
It's so great to have 2 shows from the same day that sound so clean.


Looks like they came from good old Stucco Holmes.



Here’s a little additional information from the accompanying text file.


Jim L


This version 93:14 SBD A+/A (subjective rating). File size 591 MB.

*lineage unknown: CDR --> soundForge extraction --> WaveLab tracking --> FLAC Frontend level 7


*this was selling on eBay a few years ago as a set of 3 discs combining both early and late shows, not a bad combination given that not a single song was repeated twice in the course of the evening. I've managed to get a copy through a trade. The two put together offer some 190 minutes of the 1984 material in pristine sound quality. I've split them back into early and late, and would like to seed the late show as well, pending some additional checkups and fills (as I am still missing the encore of the late). Some small tracking adjustments have been made, but no other changes.


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