I may be as crazy as you Bart. I bought my son a guitar that he never plays anymore. The other day I picked it up and played with it a while. I’ve never tried to play before but I’m thinking maybe it’s never too late to learn. All these years of intense listening can’t have hurt any.


I noticed the attachment to your message. You can take the large .dat files in the MPEGAV folder and rename them to video1.mpg and for the second disc video2.mpg. At that point you can watch them on the PC. To make a VCD of them use VCDGear. If they are proper files it should take them and create a disc image that you can burn with Nero or anything like that. It’s free software.




I like the lineage the guy put with these on dime.


VHS tape from shooter -> Media Cleaner for Macintosh -> VCD;

I put the VHS tape into a Media 100 on a Mac, then used Media Cleaner to render the VCD. The computer was facing south. I burned the VCD onto a Maxell CDR at 2X speed then I put the CDR into a bag and brought it home. When I got home I put the VCD on a shelf with some other VCD's. Later I went out for dinner at a nice Thai place, it's close by so I walked. The next morning I had a shower and went to work.”


Let us know if there any good.



Jim L

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Hello Boys and Girls in a New Year, I wish you all the best for that occasion.
I've realised that I joined this wonderful list exactly two years ago.
I've met wonderful folks here and have widened my contacts plus developed my knowledge etc. What is also significant to this is that in the moment I joined I had had only a handful of FZ unnoficial stuff.
Now at the moment due to You and other contacts (including KUR) I'm with about 300 various shows and alikes I'd collected....woow!
So I'd like to thank you all for this!
Plus what is more...I'm considering to buy myself some copy of Gibson Les Paul by Epiphone with small Marshall amp and learn to play a guitar...heheheh...am I not a crazey ???

For further Z-related fun, please visit http://www.thebignote.com or http://www.killuglyradio.com , thank you.


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