Stravinsky, (Von)Webern, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Don and Dewey...

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> 1) Edgard Varese
> 2) 50's Doo-Wop
> 3) Guitar Slim
> 4) The 'B' sides of 50's Blues / R&B
> And if you wish to take student laziness to new heights, I get a 
cheerleader to help write the paper. You let her do all the work, and 
maybe later - who knows?
> Regards,
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>   Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 1:14 PM
>   Subject: [Zappa-List] Can I request a few helpful suggestions 
about Zappa's early influences? Please.
>   I'm on a Music course at a College (NW England) and have opted to 
do a 
>   short (approx 10 mins) presentation on Zappa's early musical 
>   Rather than list the four influences I had in mind I'd like if 
>   here might offer their thoughts on the matter.
>   Maybe I should mention that I am classed as a Mature student 
>   actually seen Zappa touring during the 1970s, and am also 
>   well up on his Recorded Output. I'm really looking for other 
>   opinions to attempt to make my presentation both as concise and 
>   interesting as I am able in the time allowed.
>   As a new member I suppose I should search the Message archive 
first to 
>   see if this has aleady been discussed at length before launching 
>   thread, but I've become another lazy student.
>   Thanks in advance. 
>   Hoof
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